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Category: Arcade

Race against time - don't get caught up by the screen!

Mario's Time Attack
Help Mario to save the princess

Hide Needs Sake
Collect 5 bottles of Japanese sake for hide. If you pic…

Super Mario Revived
Collect coins and avoiding hits from the monster charac…

Free Run
React to key prompt and don't stop running. The faster …

Nose Picker
Choose your nose !

CTD2: Overkill!
A funny game that you crash T-Bone into dumbass.

Space Invaders
We are under attack by space invader, attack them

Dr. Strangegutt the Deadl…
Help Dr. Strangegutt to destroy 39 deadly doughnuts.

Run Over
Try to run over as many people as possible

Splayberry Pie
Help the Muchie avoid the falling splatberry pies.

The Revenge of the Red Ap…
Fight against cakes, birds, worms and much more??.

Aqua Massaqua
Row the boat toward the right direction and avoid being…

A remake of the classic Arkanoid game with funny faces …

Asteroids Duel
Fly around and attacke your opponent. Shoot and upgrade…

The Sheep Race
Sheep racing, timed the jump with perfect timing for ma…

Race the computer AI to get out of the maze

Dragon Warriors
Control the red Indian character to destroy evil and re…

Meta Ploy
You must hit the leaders and the followers as fast as p…

Beaver Brother
Help the Beaver Brother to colect all the bricks that s…

Ice Breakout
Guide the penguin to break all ice blocks

Bob Hungry
Catch good food and avoid bad and junk food!

In this gladiator fighting game, your aims is to destro…

Guide Naruto to avoid the Ninja Shuriken

Collect the bombs before they explode. You only have 5 …

Protect the city by piloting the Avenger

The Adventures Of Bibo 2
Help Bilbo the monkey to gain access to the SMF camp

Scooby Doo: E3
Shaggy & Scooby can only manage to escape from the …

Starship Seven
Navigate Starship Seven home - beware as the way home i…

Play a great remake of the classic arcade game Tetris.

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